Contour Flex – Single height

£2,300.00 ex.VAT


The Contour Flex funeral trolley has been designed to add extra maneuverability and be our most advanced two part funeral trolley system. The contoured shape, with its tapered ends and multidirectional wheels is a big step forward for funeral trolley design and maneuverability. The smaller end enables movement in tight places and helps prevent hand trapping. The Contour Flex also benefits from our Roll in Roll out system allowing it to fit into very small nursing home lifts in an upended position without the operator having to take the weight. The removable Contour Stair stretcher top is lightweight, foldable and is fitted with our multidirectional tri-wheel configuration which are perfect when there are flights of stairs to contend with. With multidirectional wheels the stretcher can move in any direction even sideways.





Here are some of the features that we think you will like
The Contour Flex Single Height trolley is a great innovation in first call technology. We understand that you may not know what you will face in the first visit. We have designed the trolley to enable dignified removal using stairs, a lift or from a first floor location. The removable stair stretcher is both lightweight and foldable. Once detached from the trolley it can be easily taken to anywhere in a house or care home using the tri-wheel to descend the stairs. The system also works in an upright position so can be used in a lift if needed.


Real solutions for real situations and some of the ways we think you may find it may help
The trolley is designed to work in all environments and we have tried to think of the ways and situations that you may use it. The trolley is lightweight and is easy to use as a two man operation, with a max load of 200kg. This single height trolley gives the operator the choice of using the Trolley or Stair Stretcher MD individually or combining both to offer an advanced simple to use removal package.


Build the trolley to suit you, options and included features, you choose?
There are a few customisable options when building your trolley, from different wheels including the fantastic multi directional wheel, options on covers and different stretchers including foot stops. The covers and mattresses can also be selected from different materials and colours. Build your own spec in the cart above. If you want something non standard we can also do this. We manufacture them all from scratch so customisable options are available to suit your needs.