Coffin Lifter

Product Description 

To further help with your manual coffin handling needs Auden have designed the original and best Coffin Lifter. The Coffin Lifter reduces the times you need to transfer a coffin and removes the heavy lifting. The Coffin Lifter can also help away from your premises as it may be transported under the hearse deck, for use, as and when needed. The Coffin Lifter is battery powered and mains chargeable and is controlled from a mounted hand controller. The Coffin Lifter can also be fitted with a velvet cover and used in the traditional way in your Chapel of Rest.

From: £1,770.00 ex.VAT


Length – 49in / 124.5cm

Width – 22in / 55.9cm
Height Max – 43.5in / 110.5cm
Height Min – 14.5in / 36.8cm
Max Load – 200kg / 31st
Weight – 50Kg

4 x Swivel Castors with brakes
4 x Rollers (1 off with mechanical locks)

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