Thanks for visiting our website. We are dedicated to delivering innovation and quality in every product we manufacture. Auden Funeral Supplies is a leading manufacturer of funeral equipment with the largest range of UK produced hand made equipment.

We are driven by innovation  and develop products made around real handling issues trying to solve the everyday problems faced by funeral directors. We produce both off the shelf and bespoke trolleys.

Our commitment to producing the best products in the market is born out in the confidence that they are really fit for purpose and built to last, all items have a 3 year guarantee.

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We only make Funeral Equipment
and specialise in this 100%

We manufacture everything ourselves in the UK
to ensure quality control and reliability.

Our return to base warranty
applies to all our products.

All our trolleys and coffin handling equipment
have been tested by Funeral directors
throughout the UK and Europe.

Comprehensive spare part
availability and warranty cover.

If you need something special let us know
we can make bespoke products to suit your
requirements we can make bespoke
products to fit any requirement.

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