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Compact Coffin Lifter – Smaller than you think

By January 14, 2014News

Compact Coffin Lifter – Smaller than you think

The compact Coffin Lifter is a multipurpose coffin handling unit with some unique features that make it the perfect product for Funeral Directors to move coffins easily and efficiently.

The Coffin lifter is also discreet with cover attached; it can also be lowered quietly in chapel to accommodate smaller family members or wheelchair users. The Coffin Lifter can be used in coffin preparation as a work bench.

The compact nature of the Auden Coffin Lifter makes it a perfect unit for one man operation and reduces manual handling risks. The lifter is battery driven so no oil leaks to worry about; it has super smooth height adjustment from 13.5″ to 44″ at the touch of a button. The unit is mains rechargeable.

The unit can be transported under the hearse deck for use away from your premises or at a different branch.