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Auden Delivers the Showroom of the Future

By April 4, 2014News

Auden Delivers the Showroom of the Future

When it comes to selecting new equipment for your business you don’t always have the time to try out what’s available in the market in order to pick the right product. Choosing from a catalogue can be hard; also getting time out of the business to visit manufacturers can prove time consuming.

In response to this problem Auden Funeral Supplies have launched its “Mobile Showroom” which allows you to look at a number of its best-selling trolleys, stretchers and biers at your own premises at a time of your choosing making sure you get the right product for your needs. Packed with the latest range of trolleys you get a chance to demo them, load them into your vehicle as well as move them through your premises. By seeing the equipment in its intended place of work this allows the Auden engineers to advise on any product adjustments that can be made at their factory prior to manufacture.

The Auden “Mobile Showroom” is out and about in the UK now! To book the mobile showroom to visit your Funeral home call Auden on 01924 402080